Sheriff's Notes

There's a new Sheriff in town!

For 2023, the Prescott Corral welcomes a new Sheriff, Ms. Kathy Mancino.  At the Dec. 1 meeting, Sheriff Kathy was duly elected and installed to serve for the new year by outgoing (and now past Sheriff) Ken Leja.  Joining her as deputy is Shelly Dannatt.

Other new members of the Posse (our board of directors) are “Buz” Williams as Trail Boss and Beverly Stuart-Borok as Swamper.  They replace the ‘retiring’ couple, Bret and Dee Carls, who have served in those Posse roles these past eight years.  Many thanks for their service and a hearty welcome to the new.  Remaining on the Posse are Bob Harner as Keeper of the Chips and Bernard Ruhnke and Diane Christianson as assistants to “Buz” and Bev.

“The Prescott Corral of Westeners is a well-established organizations and I’m happy to be your 2023 Sheriff,” expressed our new leader in the January edition of the Roundup. “Since I am only the seventh woman sheriff for our Corral since its inception in 1962, it is an honor for me. ‘Cowgirl Up’ – as the saying goes!  I’m read for the opportunity and challenge.”

Out guest presenter for our inaugural January 5 Corral meeting will be Lisa Schnebly Heidinger with her after-dinner talk, “The Story of Sedona is Told.”  She Ms. Lisa is the great-granddaughter of T.C. Schnebly, the postmaster of the Oak Creek Canyon facility who recognized the nearby development and named the pioneer town for his wife Sedona.  Lisa always wanted to tell her family’s story and, at 24, began collecting oral histories from Sedona’s daughters and friends. Her 10th book is the journal she wishes she found belonging to her great-grandmother. Hear Lisa share the rich stories of where and how her great-grandmother lived.  Thursday evening, January 5.

Become a Corral member

Have you become a member of the Prescott Corral?  If not, please click here to download the member application and return it to the address noted with your payment.  Join us at our monthly meeting and enjoy becoming immersed in the history and heritage of the American Southwest.

Arizona History Convention - April 2023

The Prescott Corral has long been recognized as one of the largest (in membership) and most recognized of Westerns International local groups.  Many of our members have participated in the programs of the Arizona History Convention, and have been honored for their contributions to the preservation of Arizona History.

The 64th convention will be held April 13-15, 2023, at the Tempe History Museum and Library Complex in Tempe, Arizona.  A featured event will be the plenary (opening) session on Friday afternoon with Maurice Crandall making the keynote presentation.

The three-day conference will be a hybrid — sessions held both in-person and online, allowing
presenters and attendees to choose how they wish to participate, according to Heidi Osselaer, executive director for AHC and a long-time friend of the Prescott Corral and frequent present at the Western History Symposium. Presentation topics will relate to Arizona or southwestern borderlands history.  Sessions are planned for 90-minutes in length allowing for three presentations of an expanded 25-minute time segment… and each of these sessions will be available in-person AND online. 

Wish List
  • Seeking a Corral Historian — Your help is needed in video recording the monthly Corral meetings.  We have the technology — but we need someone with a flair for capturing it.  Contact the Sheriff for details — 928-830-8236.
  • Trail Boss and Swamper — Bret and Dee Carls are not leaving, but they’re wanting to step back after eight years of being Trail Boss and Swamper, and let someone else enjoy the task beginning next year.  Contact the Sheriff for details.
  • Future Speakers Encouraged — We know you’re busy… that you’re involved in many other activities, and are exposed to a lot of presentations.  If you find one that might be good for our dinner meetings, let us know.  Both Sheriff Ken and Deputy Sheriff Kathy are planning now for the Fall and Winter ’22 season as well as all of 2023.
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