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  Message from Our Sheriff

Happy Summer wishes to Prescott Corral Members!

Hopefully, you were in attendance at our May 2nd meeting when long-time Corral member, Fred Veil, received the Westerners International’s Living Legends Award. Fred, a past Sheriff, was the founder of our annual Western History Symposium, a founding member of the Territorial Times magazines and a contributor to the AZ History Convention. For seven years he was the Director of the Sharlot Hall Museum. Fred Veil-certainly a Living Legend!

Our thanks to Calamity Jane (Susann Hutchison) for agreeing to be our speaker when scheduled speaker, Big Nose Kate (Linda Walls) became ill on the day of our April meeting. Calamity-you saved the day (or evening!).

Through extensive research, Corral member and author, Brad Courtney, has discovered the location of the house where Doc Holliday lived when he stayed in Prescott. Although the house is no longer there, a marker will be placed in that area. Our Posse voted to donate to Brad’s project which will have an unveiling event on August 14th. More to come…

Our August 3rd Western History Symposium is nearing. The following are our speakers and topics:

Kelly Cordes-local historian, speaking on the Founding Fathers of Prescott

Lisa Schnebly Heidinger-presenting about her great-grandmother Sedona Schnebly

Roger Naylor-Arizona travel writer presenting history and information on Arizona’s state parks

Doug Hocking-Western author talking about Southwest train robberies
Tom Collins-local historian sharing the tale of an early Prescott scandal which caused the downfall of a local attorney

*A reminder…the staff at the Centennial Center needs until 5:00 to prepare for our dinner meetings. We’re glad you’re in a hurry to see fellow Corral members but the doors will remain closed until 5:00. Thank you for understanding! *

Don’t miss our June 13th presentation when Corral member, Bob Harner, speaks about 19th and early 20th century patent medicines-something for whatever ails you!

Happy Trails to you until we meet in June!

Sheriff Shelly

Wish List
  • Future Speakers Encouraged — We know you’re busy… that you’re involved in many other activities, and are exposed to a lot of presentations.  If you find one that might be good for our dinner meetings, let us know by contacting Sheriff Shelly.
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