Sheriff's Notes

 A Message from Our Sheriff
Hello, fellow Corral members!

Those in attendance at our January meeting enjoyed learning of a soldier’s life during the Battle of the Bighorn. Thank you, Dennis Tuberty, for the perspective you shared from your firsthand experience with the US Cavalry School.

Good to see that many members have renewed their memberships for this year. Once again, ALL Roundups include a dues reminder this month. Thank you for meeting the March 1st deadline.

With ideas from the Posse and the creative help from Past Sheriff, Ken Leja, our Corral has a new logo (left, below).
This one is specific to the Prescott Corral. The color version has shades of tan.

 Planning has begun for our August 3rd Western History Symposium. It will once again be held at the Phippen Musuem. More details to follow.

Were you aware there is an Irish link to Western cowboys and drovers? Many of the songs they sung were based on Irish ballads. For example, the 1700’s Irish tune, “The Unfortunate Rake” was the base for “The Streets of Laredo” (Cowboy’s Lament).

May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Sheriff Shelly

Wish List
  • Future Speakers Encouraged — We know you’re busy… that you’re involved in many other activities, and are exposed to a lot of presentations.  If you find one that might be good for our dinner meetings, let us know by contacting Sheriff Shelly.
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