Prescott Corral of Westerners International

Penny Proud Morrison Elected 2024 Deputy Sheriff

At the February 1 meeting of the Prescott Corral of Westerners, the members, by acclimation, elected Penny Proud Morrison as Deputy Sheriff for 2024. As per the Corral’s bylaws, Penny will move to the position of Sheriff in 2025. [At left, 2024 Sheriff Shelly Dannatt nominates Penny to be 2024 Deputy Sheriff]

Upcoming March Meeting

The next regular meeting of the Prescott Corral of Westerners is set for Thursday, March 7, 2024, at the Kuykendall Community Center (formerly Prescott Centennial Center), 1989 Clubhouse Drive near the E.A. Love Airfield.

Prescott native Harvey Leake, the descendant of a pioneering family in the Four Corners region, will bring to life the story of his great-grandmother, Louisa Wade Wetherill, her friendship with a Navajo elder named Wolfkiller, and their written account of Wolfkiller’s boyhood training in “The Path of Light.”

Doors open at 5:00 p.m. and dinner begins at 6:15 p.m. Harvey’s presentation begins at 7:00 p.m.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact Sheriff Shelly Dannatt at (515) 554-6049.

Prescott Corral Bylaws and Procedures

At the September dinner meeting, the membership voted on the Prescott Corral’s revised Bylaws and Procedures. The approved documents can be accessed below.

Corral Bylaws 9-7-2023

Corral Procedures 9-7-2023

Western History Symposium

Annually, we host the Western History Symposium, a day-long series of interesting, provocative and informative talks and presentations from noted authors, researchers, historians and educators on a variety of subjects relevant to our western heritage. Now in our 21st year, the Symposium is free to the public. Check out the Symposium tab above for samples of past Symposium presentations (including links to some of the recorded talks), as well as information on the next Symposium.


The ROUNDUP, our club newsletter, is published and mailed to members around the middle of each month, and includes announcements of upcoming events. 

Territorial Times

The TERRITORIAL TIMES is a publication of the Prescott Corral, dealing mostly with Arizona territorial and early statehood history.

Western Symposium

The WESTERN HISTORY SYMPOSIUM is conducted annually by members of the Prescott Corral or Westerners International and invited speakers


If you are interested in Western history, you might be interested in membership in the Prescott Corral. Click link to download application or contact us for more information.