Western History Symposium

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About the Symposium


The Western History Symposium is an annual event co-sponsored by the Prescott Corral and the Sharlot Hall Museum featuring interesting and informative presentations by historians, educators and authors on a variety of subjects relevant to our western heritage. 


The Symposium is an all-day event comprised of hour-long presentations between 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM and an evening presentation held in coordination with the regular monthly dinner meeting of the Corral.


The Symposium always attracts a large audience of wide-ranging interests from throughout the state.  The quality of our programming is evident from the fliers used to publicize our past symposiums, which you can access by clicking on the links below.


The Skull Valley Historical Society, the Arizona Rough Riders Historical Association, the Prescott Valley Historical Society and the Arizona Humanities Council are regular participants in the event.



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The Thirteenth Annual Western History Symposium, Sponsored by the Sharlot Hall Museum and the Prescott Corral of Westerners International was held Saturday, August 6, 2016 at the Prescott Centennial Center, Prescott, AZ.

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Here are some of the subjects that were featured at the Thirteenth Annual Western History Symposium


Presentations on a variety of Western history subjects:

¨ Honky tonks, brothels and mining camps;
entertainment in frontier Arizona;

¨ Annie Neal, the Black Cherokee princess who hosted royalty and the rich and famous at her luxurious
Arizona hotel;

¨ Arizona and the Medal of Honor–from the Indian
War to Viet Nam;

¨ The history of baseball in the Arizona Territory;

¨ Pursuing the Black-on-Gray: West Central
Arizona’s Ancient People;

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Fred Veil, Symposium Coordinator

11th Annual Symposium
Aug. 2,  2014

The 2017 Program


The Symposium is free and open to the public for all talks. Reservations are not required.


Symposium attendees are welcome to attend the Corral’s monthly dinner prior to the evening talk. Reservations and advance payment are required for the dinner, but neither are required if you only wish to attend the talk after the dinner. Seating may be limited, however.


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