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The TERRITORIAL TIMES is an occasional publication of the Prescott, Arizona, Corral of Westerners International, a non-profit organization dedicated to the study, preservation, promotion and dissemination of information with respect to the real history of the American West. We welcome submissions on the general topic of Western History. All submissions are subject to the acceptance and approval of the TT committee. As the name implies, Territorial Times focuses primarily on the history of Arizona pre-1900s, however broader topics of Western History may be considered. Submissions can be from 500 to 3500 words in length. Please submit them in Microsoft Word or plain text format by e-mail to Al Bates: alandjoy@cableone.net


Volume I Number 1 of the TERRITORIAL TIMES was published in the fall of 2007. Below you will find back issues of the TERRITORIAL TIMES on-line. They are made available on the website one issue behind publication. Back issues of the print publication can be ordered from Prescott Corral as long as supplies last. Many of these issues are very popular and some are sold out, or are nearly so. Since we only make one print run, if you want a back issue please order right away.

The latest issue of TERRITORIAL TIMES, Vol IX No 1, is now available and has been distributed free to members of Prescott Corral at the May 5, 2016 dinner meeting. If you are not a member and wish to purchase one, or if you are a member and didn’t get one, please contact Jay Eby at eby55@msn.com or 928-778-4646. Back issues of TT are available in PDF format on this website six months after print publication. Scroll down this page to see all of the back issues.





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Fred Veil

Andy Wallace

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Al Bates


Fred Veil

Bruce  Fee

Jay Eby

Brad Courtney

Andy Wallace

Out of Print

TT#1: Vol I No 1, Fall 2007

TT#2: Vol I No 2, Spring 2008

TT#3: Vol II No 1, Fall 2008

TT#4: Vol II No 2, Spring 2009

TT#5: Vol III No 1, Fall 2009

TT#6: Vol III No 2, Spring 2010

TT#7: Vol IV No 1, Fall 2010

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TT#8: Vol IV No 2, Spring 2011

TT#10: Vol V No 2, Spring 2012


TT#9: Vol V No 1, Fall 2011

TT#11: Vol VI No 1, Fall 2012


TT#12: Vol VI No 2, Spring 2013

TT#13: Vol VII No 1, Fall 2013

TT#14: Vol VII No 2, Spring, 2014

TT#15: Vol VIII No 1, Spring, 2015

TT#16: Vol IX No 1, Spring, 2016

Not yet available on line but print copies can be purchased at Sharlot Hall Museum.