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We are fortunate as residents of the Prescott area to have a number of first-class artists, musicians and authors among us. In addition, many museums and historical societies exist throughout Arizona and the western states which strive to preserve the West as it was.

While it is impossible on this website to list all of them, we have chosen to list HERE a few who are associated with the Prescott Corral and whose work exemplifies and portrays Western life, history and attitudes. We will add more as we become aware of them.

When we become aware of a local function, museum display or program that portrays the early West, we will add the details to our Special Announcements section.


If you have come across a website, blog, place, person, museum, society, horse, dog, moonshiner, cowboy, gunslinger or artist that you think should be represented here, please let us know through our contact information.


We list interesting websites that we have found HERE.

Historical Societies:


http://www.azroughriders.com            Arizona Rough Rider Historical Society, Prescott, AZ       “Our mission is to portray in a historically accurate manner the life and times of the Arizona Rough Riders, Troop 1/A, Prescott, Arizona and their society in the 1898 period, and contribute to the betterment of our community.”

http://www.prescottwesternheritagefoundation.org/about.html The Prescott Western Heritage Foundation was formed to help preserve and promote our western heritage. It is our hope and belief that we can bring about a spirit of cooperation and of accomplishment by working with the community regarding this goal. We plan to increase awareness of Prescott’s rich history among our residents and visitors, through education, events, and other projects.

Skull Valley Historical Society: PO Box 143, Skull Valley, AZ , 86338-0143.

Prescott Valley Historical Society:

7501 E Civic Center, 1st Floor
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

Dewey-Humboldt historical society and Museum (www.dhhsmuseum.org)



http://sharlot.org  Sharlot Hall Museum, 415 W. Gurley St., Prescott, AZ 86301; 928-445-3122. Sharlot Hall Museum is named after its founder, Sharlot Mabridth Hall (1870-1943), who became well known as a poet, activist, politician, and Arizona’s first territorial historian. As early as 1907, Ms. Hall saw the need to save Arizona's history and planned to develop a museum. She began to collect both Native American and pioneer material. In 1927, she began restoring the first Territorial Governor’s residence and offices and moved her extensive collection of artifacts and documents opening it as a museum in 1928. Today, the Museum features seven historic buildings, compelling exhibits and beautiful gardens, which serve as the setting for numerous public festivals.

www.phippenartmuseum.org  Phippen Museum, 4701 N. State Route 89, Prescott, AZ 86301-8303; 928-778-1385. George Phippen, first President of the Cowboy Artists of America, died in 1966, leaving behind a group of artists interested in creating a facility that specifically represented artists in the American West. In 1974, the George Phippen Memorial Foundation was formed to create a centralized venue that would fully support Western Art.

http://www.smokimuseum.org  The Smoki Museum, 147 N. Arizona Ave., P.O. Box 10224, Prescott, AZ 86304-0224; 928-445-1230. Designed to resemble an Indian pueblo, the Smoki Museum was built in 1935 by the Civilian Works Administration and the volunteer labor of the Smoki People, a group of Prescott citizens organized in 1921 dedicated to the perpetuation of American Indian ceremonies and dances. The mission of the Smoki Museum is to instill an understanding and respect for indigenous cultures of the Southwest.

Local Artists




Gary Melvin, Studio: 1024 W Sunlit Drive, Prescott, Arizona, 86303; Website: http://www.garymelvinart.com/. Gary works almost exclusively in oils, pencil and conte. He uses a representational style to create portraiture, landscape, seascape, western and plein air works of art. He has evolved his style into the production of abstract works in oil as well. Gary paints full time in his studio. Contact Gary at grmelvin@dakotacard.com  or 928-778-7902.

Bonnie Casey, On-line studio www.bonniecasey.com;  Phone 928-636-2406


Bonnie Casey's early training was as a scholarship student at the Art Institute of Chicago. A former instructor at the Village Art School in Skokie, Illinois, she has established herself as a painter of landscapes since moving to Arizona in 1984

She is an artist who paints the Southwest as she feels it. Her style is fluid and rhythmical. Her subjects vary from cowboys to cacti to arroyos. She paints what excites her and that excitement transports you into her works. Her canvasses are filled with light and color and yet her works are straightforward depictions.

She has won more than 100 awards in juried competitions since moving to the Prescott, Arizona area.

She has won four Grambacher medals, two of them Gold. Bonnie's paintings can be found in private and corporate collections in the United States and overseas.

Bruce Fee, Studio: 1660 Oregon, Prescott, AZ 86301; Bruce came to Arizona in 1929 at the age of three and has been a resident ever since, with time out for World War II. He became interested in art in 1947 while attending Northern Arizona University and has been painting since that time.

A lover of the outdoors, most of his work is done ‘on location’ in pen and ink, watercolor or acrylics. He does some still life and life drawings and is an avid photographer. He has studied at NAU, Yavapai College and with George Phippen, Robin Anderson, R. G. Rodell, Ted Goershner and Isabell Richmond. His work has found its way into homes and collections all over the world and continues to bring joy to viewers from all walks of life. Contact Bruce at 928-445-1803

Websites of interest

Did you know that Arizona had a POW camp for captured U-boat officers and men during World War II? I didn’t. For a fascinating history of the Papago Park POW Camp in Phoenix, visit http://www.brazilbrazil.com/powcamp.html

An interesting site dealing with Wyoming history and other stories of the West is found at www.wyomingstories.com.