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Back Issue #5: Vol III No 1 Fall 2009

Copyright Prescott Corral of Westerners International, 2010-2012

Volume III, Number 1, Fall, 2009 Table of Contents:    

Frontispiece: Gary Melvin—Skull, from charcoal drawing

Sandy Moss—Kate Cory: Hopi Historian, Artist and Photographer  (HTML Version)

Eric Berg— The Chino Valley Oil Boom (HTML Version

Tom Jonas—Forty Niners over the Mogollon Rim (HTML Version)

Jay W. Eby—Ben Daniels: Felon, Rough Rider and Arizona Marshall  (HTML Version

John P. Langellier—The Tenth U. S. Cavalry in Prescott, A. T.  (HTML Version)

Gary Melvin—Coyote, from oil painting