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The award winning Prescott Corral was founded in 1962 as an affiliate of Westerners International, an organization dedicated to the preservation of the real history of the American West. We currently have about 200 members.

We hold a dinner meeting the first Thursday of each month with a  30-40 minute presentation afterward on a selected Western History topic. These programs are very popular, with usually 60 to 100 members and guests attending. See The Roundup for details of upcoming programs.


The TERRITORIAL TIMES is a publication of the Prescott Corral, dealing mostly with Arizona territorial and early statehood history. Go to the TT page for details on back issues and how to get  the latest one.


The WESTERN HISTORY SYMPOSIUM is conducted annually by members of the Prescott Corral and invited speakers in conjunction with The Sharlot Hall Museum.  Go to the Symposium page for details of the 2014 program.


If you are interested in Western history, you might be interested in membership in the Prescott Corral. If so, please contact us. Click HERE for a membership application that you can print and mail back. See also Contact Info below if you wish to talk to a live person.

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The Members Directory is updated as members change their information and new members are added. We try to keep this current, so please make sure that the Byteslinger and the Keeper of the Chips both have your correct address, phone number and email.  See the contact information below for e-mails and phone numbers. Find the directory in the Back Room. A password is required. If you are a member and don’t have a password to the Back Room, contact Russ Sherwin at byteslinger@prescottcorral.org or 928-717-0931.

We encourage members to give us ideas of what they would like to see on the website and contribute material to it. The main purpose of the website is to give the Prescott Corral an internet presence and to provide a searchable archive for our club publication, the Territorial Times. In addition we promote the Western History Symposium, the Sharlot Hall Museum, The Phippen Museum, the Smoki Museum and other historical activities in which we are involved.


This website is produced and its content maintained by various members of the Prescott Corral. The webmaster (byteslinger) is Russ Sherwin.

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2015 Posse Members


Sheriff: Brad Courtney………………………….…...sheriff@prescottcorral.org

Deputy Sheriff: John McKinney……………………..prescjon@msn.com

Trail Boss: Bob Galloway    …………………..…..….rgadcm@centurylink.net

Keeper of the Chips: Jack Hoeft……………...……..rjhefty1@gmail.com


Past Sheriff, 2014: Tom Collins

Past Sheriff, 2013: Dana Sharp

Past Sheriff, 2012: Cindy Gresser


Appointed positions

Symposium Coordinator: Fred Veil……………..…...fveil@cableone,net

Westerners International Liaison: Al Bates…………..alandjoy@cableone.net

Historian: Bruce Fee ……………………………………(no e-mail)

Assistant Historian: Vernon H. Gerdes………………….(no e-mail)

Recorder of Marks & Brands: Russ Sherwin ……........trawlerdogs@gmail.com

Roundup Editor: Donna Sherwin…………….………..860donna@gmail.com

Swamper: Dana Sharp

Byteslinger (webmaster): Russ Sherwin…………….....byteslinger@prescottcorral.org

Contact Information


Mailing Address:

Prescott Corral of Westerners International,

P. O. Box 11086,

Prescott, Arizona, 86304-1086


Contact the Prescott Corral by e-mail:



Visit the Westerners International website at


Monthly Dinner Meeting



Regular monthly dinner meeting at

Prescott Centennial Center


Menu & Main Dish Choices


Main Dish—Prime Rib


Vegetarian Main Dish—Grilled Portabella

Baked Potato with Sour Cream


For Dessert—German Chocolate Cake



Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation


“Membership in the Prescott Corral shall be open to persons sincerely interested in the history and traditions of the West regardless of race, creed, color, marital status, sex or national origin. The term “West” is broadly used to cover the geographic area West of the Mississippi River.”

Keeper of the Chips: Jack Hoeft

Bruce Fee

Russ Sherwin

Westerners Int’l Liaison, editor of Territorial Times: Al Bates

Roundup Publisher
Donna Sherwin


Symposium Coordinator:
Fred Veil

Trail Boss:
Bob Galloway

Dana Sharp

Past Sheriff 2013:
Dana Sharp

The Roundup


The Roundup, our club newsletter and announcements of upcoming events, is published and mailed to members around the middle of each month. Click here for the current issue of The Roundup.


Contact Donna Sherwin at 928-717-0931 for input to or questions about The Roundup.

After Dinner Program


Christmas in Prescott—from 1863 to Now"

Speakers—John Krizek and Dave Mauer


From the first Christmas mass celebrated with miners in the snow at the future town site of Prescott, to the present-day lighting of the courthouse plaza, our speakers will trace the evolution of Prescott as Arizona’s Christmas City.  Westerner John, a frequent chronicler of the origins of Prescott, and Dave, Chief Executive Officer of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce, will team up to provide the story behind the grand event that is one of the highlights of the year in our town. Starting with the 1950’s, Dave will chronicle the evolution of the current extravaganza and decorations at the Plaza.

2015 Sheriff:  Brad Courtney

Prescott Corral and “Days Past”

“Days Past,” the weekly historical article in the Daily Courier, is now a collaborative project of the Sharlot Hall Museum and the Prescott Corral. Watch for future articles by some of our members. We welcome contributions from anyone with an interesting, historic topic. If you have material you think would make a good Days Past article, please contact Murray Smolens: mjsmolens@cableone.net.


A link to the Days Past articles in the Sharlot Hall Museum archives is listed here:



Member Involvement

We welcome new members and one of the ways you as a current member can help get them is to promote the Prescott Corral when appropriate in conversations with people you meet. Give them the website address, www.prescottcorral.org and encourage them to visit it. Encourage them to come to a dinner as your guest (making sure that you and they understand that the cost is $24 per person).


Your Posse puts a lot of time and effort into making sure the club runs smoothly. We encourage members to step up and help with the organization and running of the club. Contact the Sheriff to see what needs to be done and to volunteer your services.

Club News and Announcements

             From Bylaws, & Amended Bylaws, Article III, Membership

             Articles of Incorporation and 501 (c) (3) registration.


If you are interested in membership in the Prescott Corral, please contact us. Click HERE for a membership application that you can print and mail back.

Prescott Corral

Of Westerners International

Past Sheriff 2014:
Tom Collins

Deputy Sheriff 2015:
John McKinney

Past Sheriff 2012:
Cindy Gresser

Asst. Historian:
Vernon H. Gerdes

We Did It Again! Prescott Corral Wins Prestigious Awards for 2014


We have once again won Westerners International’s most prestigious award, the “Co-Founders Heads-Up Award” (for the ninth time since 1970). This annual award goes to the outstanding corral based on programs, membership, publications, activities and community contributions. In this category, awards go to three outstanding corrals: one to a large active corral (that would be us), one to a small active corral and one to the outstanding overseas corral.


Our efforts included the Eleventh Annual History Symposium and producing The Daily Courier’s “Days Past” Sunday feature, both in cooperation with Sharlot Hall Museum; Issue 14 of the TERRITORIAL TIMES Magazine with historical articles about the real west; 12 issues of the RoundUp; outstanding monthly dinner programs; contributions to local museums and continuation of the Corral’s Website.


Al Bates, former Sheriff and Westerners International Representative, took First Place in the Coke Wood Awards for Monographs & Articles for his comprehensive set of articles “Prescott Begins,” published in The Territorial Times, Volume VII Number 2. Al is the first Prescott Corral member ever to win this award. It goes to the best published monographs or articles dealing with Western American history based on individual research, personal knowledge or family records.

Tom Collins, current Past-Sheriff, took 2nd Place in the Philip A. Danielson Awards for Best  Programs for “Stage Struck Soldiers: Military Theater in Territorial Arizona.” The Danielson Award is given for the best presentation or program delivered to a corral or posse during the year by a member of Westerners.


Awards were presented at the Westerners Reception during the Western History Association conference in Portland, Oregon, on October 22, 2015.